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This Is Liam.

Art Form: Drag King. Male Impersonation.

Repertoire: Lip Sync. Modelling. Film. Makeup Classes. Public Speech.

Belief: The soul has no gender.

Mission: Visibility & Representation of Drag Kings. Question Gender Roles. Thought-Provoking. Inspire.

Liam in Pictures.
Some moments are best captured in photographs.

©Nisha Hein
©Ivana Anna Dzc
©Ivana Anna Dzc
©Nisha Hein
©Ivana Anna Dzc
©Ivana Anna Dzc
©Ivana Anna Dzc

Latest Photo Shoot.
By photographer Nicolas Pleasure Galani.

More Impressions.

Liam in Motion.
A Drag Documentary on female and enby Drag Kings in Austria.

Liam in Words.
A Podcast on the Austrian Drag Scene.

Liam in Action.
This is a fine selection of Liam's songs in his repertoire.

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